Start tennisseason 2020

A few more weeks and then the new tennis- and padel season will start. The games, sets and matches will be playing on the courts. Therfore it is the right time to have the tennis nets in stock again. Howitec has a complete range of nets for you, both for tennis and padel sport.

A brief overview:

Single play tennisnet

Mini and Midi tennisnets

Padel tennisnet


In addition to the above nets, we have a wide range of windscreens (14 different colors, standerd or with print), protection nets and tennis accessories, such as adjuster bands, steel cables, etc. If you are looking for other sports or goal nets, we do have a wide range of it as well. Our colleagues Arjan Hoving or Pieter Nijdam are happy to help you further.

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Des filets pour chaque but

C'est notre slogan et il couvre à la fois la charge au sens propre et au sens figuré. Littéralement parce que nous avons des filets pour marquer dans chaque but, et au figuré parce que nous pouvons vous fournir des filets pour toutes les applications imaginables. Qu'il s'agisse d'une application horticole, sportive ou technique, Howitec Netting bv fournit les filet adaptées.